Organic Minerals and Trace Metal Chelete


         Has taste and enhances appetite. Lessens the problem of decreased appetite by substituting fish powder and milk products to animal protein or feeds.

         Contains nucleotides which raise the immunity. Amino acid monomers can be rapidly absorbed and its taste is sweet and enhanced to increase saliva and amylase production.

         The products unify the various required trace minerals such as iron, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium, enhance meat color, decrease stress and improve flavor.

         In chickens, the feathers attain shine and luster; there is less feather-picking. The meat quality is improved and taste is enhanced.

         As fishery attractant, formulations for supplementation with the required trace minerals, such as <iron+copper+manganese>, <zinc+magnesium>, <chromium+calcium+magnesium> and <selenium+chromium+manganese>, can be prepared.

         Amino acid monomers can effectively detoxify microbial toxins and maintain health by protecting the internal organs.








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